That means you cannot use the short sale as a way to get rid your old house in a declining housing market and buy a comparable house for a lower price. Getting an Fannie mae/freddie mac loan After Short Sale. Waiting periods for a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac mortgage loan following a short sale vary, depending on the circumstances.

Buy a home in Las Vegas and all of Nevada after bankruptcy, short sale, Jumbo/High-Balance loans; Buy Again After BK, Short Sale, for FHA and Conventional Loans

So, before making an offer on buying a short sale, make sure you know what you. sure you investigate your options on a conventional and FHA loan for a short sale.. After the seller accepts the offer, the listing agent forwards the offer to the .

Getting a Conventional Mortgage After a Short Sale: General ‘Rules’ for 2013. When applying for a conventional or "regular" mortgage loan after a short sale, the general rule is at least two years with the restoration of good credit patterns. Note that it’s a general rule, and not an industry standard.

 · It is now possible to get a Jumbo Loan immediately after a Short-Sale or Foreclosure. There are many people that don’t think they can qualify for a Jumbo Mortgage because they have a recent Short-Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy.They have been turned down by other lenders time and time again, and thought they have exhausted all chances of getting another Jumbo Loan.

Purpose Vs Non Purpose Loan Question: We need to know the difference between business purpose and consumer purpose loans. How do we distinguish between them and can you give us a few examples? Also, is a non-owner occupied rental property or an owner-occupied rental property considered business purpose? Answer: There are at least five primary factors that must be considered in order to determine business purpose from.

The seven-year requirement applies to buyers who went through a foreclosure and want to get a new conventional loan that. waiting periods after a bankruptcy tend to be more black and white, while.

Buying a home after a short sale is not impossible. Yes, it's true: the cards may be stacked against you. But getting a home loan after going through a short sale.

Getting a Conventional Loan After a Short Sale. You can get a new conventional mortgage backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac after a short sale, as long as they meet the agency’s specific requirements. For Freddie Mac loans, the mortgage must be for a primary residence with a maximum loan-to-value of 90%.

Conforming Loan Limit 2017 Starting in 2018, the maximum conforming loan limit will be $453,100. so Fannie and Freddie reformed themselves The 2018 loan limits are nearly 7% higher than the 2017 cap of $424,100, an amount.

. just 10% down The wait for a new mortgage post-foreclosure is seven years; there’s a four-year wait post short-sale; and four-year wait post Chapter 7 bankruptcy Offers the lowest possible.

Conforming 30 Year Fixed financial institutions offer various fixed-rate mortgages including the more common fixed-rate mortgages: 15, 20, and 30-year. Out of the three the 30-year fixed is the most popular mortgage because it usually offers the lowest monthly payment. However, the lower monthly payment comes at a cost of paying more in interest over the life of the loan.