The Basics of Non-Warrantable Condos. What is a non-warrantable condo? Simply put a "Non- Warrantable" condo project does not meet the conventional loan guidelines set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In the single-family home lingo that you may already be familiar with these are known as "conforming" mortgage loans.

Finding out that the condo you’re looking to buy is considered to be a non-warrantable condo can be heartbreaking. When a condo is identified as a non-warrantable that means it does not meet conventional guidelines (meaning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac won’t buy the loan).

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Michael Fehrenbacher, United Funding, Batavia - No Income, No Asset Loans Reader Question: I am trying to learn what makes a condo warrantable vs. non-warrantable. Can you help me? Jonathan D. Monty’s Answer: The answer is that condominium, co-op and planned unit development (pud) projects with particular attributes can be riskier than other types of development projects.

” A potential buyer should expect to have cash on hand, or at least be prepared to agree on non-traditional or special financing with higher interest and downpayment to complete the purchase if the property he or she hopes to buy is a non-warrantable condo.

A non-warrantable condo is a condominium property in which the loan is not eligible to be sold to Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, and as such, they are considered by most banks to be more "risky." freddie mac and Fannie Mae have established criteria when it comes to evaluating condominium. Non Warrantable Condo Financing.

require 2 appraisals property types: sfr, Warrantable and Non-Warrantable Condos Loan Amnt > $1mm: 70% 65% Penalties not available on loans vested to individuals in NJ Loan Amounts>$1.5MM require 2 appraisals – FL Condos limited to 55% LTV Loan Amnt > $3mm: 50% 50%

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Section 1.06 March 29, 2019 Condo/PUD Approval Requirements Page 2 of 100 Correspondent seller guide overview general The quality of mortgages secured by units in condominium and planned unit development (PUD) projects can be influenced by certain characteristics of the