The top five lenders were Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, PNC Real Estate, and GE Real Estate. The MBA study is the only one of its kind to present a comprehensive set of listings of commercial/multifamily mortgage originators and the different roles they play.

may not have sufficient commercial real estate expertise. They may not know the markets or sectors in which they’re underwriting loans and therefore may not be structuring the best loans for borrowers.

Commercial real estate loans can help you purchase or renovate property, and even refinance existing debt. We’ve rounded up your best financing options.

Stronghill Capital has been lending to real estate investors since 2007. Our mission is to help business owners, entrepreneurs and real estate owners grow through education, innovation and real estate-backed loans. Loan proceeds may not be used for personal, family or household purposes. Stronghill Capital does not provide consumer loans.

10 Strong Commercial Real Estate Lenders While Banks will continue working through their problem commercial real estate loans for some time, there are a number passing through the credit crisis.

Seize opportunities abroad: the best way to do this is with a bank that has international. Finance your commercial real estate with international support.

Commercial real estate (CRE) loans include loans secured by liens on. Commercial Real Estate Lending (Comptroller's Handbook, August 2013) Focuses on.

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If you already have a commercial mortgage loan, with SunTrust or another commercial mortgage lender, we can also help you refinance to take advantage of a lower interest rate. A SunTrust business banker can help you choose the right commercial mortgage lending solution for your growing business.

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Building equity: It's getting easier to finance commercial real estate in Detroit. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development loan: $27.

Interest rates on commercial loans are generally higher than on residential loans. Also, commercial real estate loans usually involve fees that add to the overall cost of the loan, including.

A commercial loan is a type of loan used to finance commercial real estate investments. qualifying for a commercial real estate loans starts off with evaluating your liquidity, net worth and investing experience. Get to know 6 common types of commercial real estate loans, including their typical.